Expert Witness

I consult with defense attorneys, prosecuting attorneys, and attorneys for plaintiffs and defendants in civil and criminal proceedings, as well as custody and visitation evaluations.

I consult effectively about forensic matters only with as much information in hand as the attorney has available. I cannot consult effectively when working under short deadlines. I find that my schedule allows for scheduling testimonies about eight to ten weeks ahead of time.

In many cases by mutual agreement between myself and the attorney I do not ultimately testify in court. It is important to remember that my agreement to consult does not include an agreement to testify.

Consultation functions include a review of written materials and discussion of the case with the attorney. It is helpful to call or e-mail my assistant Tammy Carpenter, in order to establish a time line for these functions and ascertain the scheduling of conferences and testimonies.

Fees for consultation are generally assessed at an hourly rate of $250. When attorneys are representing indigent clients, the fee is $125. Fees for testifying are $300 for the time of the testimony and $200 for the time of traveling or waiting to testify.