Training and Lectures

The Bridges Program

(See Court Ordered Family Therapy)

Seminars on The Bridges Program1 are for therapists, and child protective workers, and are usually presented in full-day sessions. These seminars are also recommended for attorneys whose practice involves representing children. We include multiple examples of interventions and therapies for each family member and for the family as a whole. The seminar includes a video presentation of actual client follow ups, and numerous hand-outs.

Other seminars for attorneys and allied professions, can be done in shorter formats including half day seminars at professional conferences. This format does not include as many examples of specific therapeutic interventions or the videos.

Full day seminars on The Bridges Program usually include my co-therapists who work with me in the program.

Other Training and Lectures

I offer training seminars regarding custody studies and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and its effects. I’ve done training for national, regional and statewide conferences, as well as for smaller local groups.

Seminars can be conducted in time blocks of one to two hours, half-day or full-day workshops, depending on your group’s focus and needs.

Training programs can be customized to the needs of your group, and can include other therapists.

My seminars will qualify for professional continuing education credits when presented under the auspices of a suitable professional association.

References and participant feedback available on request.

If you would like references or information regarding fees and scheduling, please contact myself or my assistant.

1 The Bridges Program is a methodology for treating families with unresolved allegations of child sexual abuse and/or where there is a high degree of conflict and polarization.